Inspirational Youths

There are so many inspirational youths who have defied the odds to accomplish something they believe in. I will be posting articles of real inspirational youths that you or I know, to remind all of you that you can.

Who Inspires You?

Do you know a teen or a child who has overcome a difficult situation and has inspired you or your friends? I'd love to hear about it. Tell me about who inspires you (contact information on home page) and perhaps the story can be shared with others.


Picture of a smiling WyattThis section of my site is dedicated to the memory of Wyatt Helmuth. Wyatt passed away December 12, 2012 at the age of 7. Wyatt taught me a valuable lesson by facing every day with the huge smile he was known and loved for, no matter how horrible he was feeling or what new challenge he was facing. Wyatt reminded me that even the very young can be a huge inspiration to us all. [Read the Full article on Wyatt]

(Full article posted September 7, 2013)





Meet Amanda Banic

Arthritis poster with Amanda

What is your definition of a "bad day"? Is it when your parents take away your cell phone as a punishment, or when you have a fight with your BFF? For 17 year old Amanda Banic, a "bad day" is waking up in more pain than usual, unable to get out of bed. When Amanda has a bad day, she relies on her parents to carry her to the bathroom so she can soak in epson salts in hopes of finding some relief.  [Read the full article on Amanda]

(Full article posted October 14, 2013)



Meet Emma & Jenna Kip


When Emma and Jenna Kip tell their mom they are going for a walk before lunch to find a small body of water not far from their campsite, it never occurred to them that they would become lost in the vast woods of Bon Echo. For 16 year old Jenna and 13 year old Emma, a simple walk turns into a test of their survival skills, endurance and courage during their 30 hour ordeal in the wet, cold wilderness on their own. [Read the full article on Emma and Jenna]

(Full article posted February 10, 2014)