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To inspire, protect, develop, and empower today's youth to take control of their lives and be all that they can be.

The number of people who have suffered from childhood abuse is very alarming. Our children, especially our daughters, have a higher probability of being sexually abused as children than being diagnosed with cancer (see Sexual Abuse statistics, and Canadian Cancer Society). We hear about cancer survivors all the time, but how often do we hear about childhood sexual abuse survivors? I believe this indicates too many are still suffering in silence! This subject is not addressed enough by today's society. Today's youth are our future. As a society we have to acknowledge the seriousness of this problem and understand how we can help these children overcome what has happened to them, and stop the cycle from continuing.

Inspiring our Youth

I believe strongly that we have to encourage children to make the most of their talents, skills, strengths and ambitions, even when faced with challenging obstacles. The Yes YOUth Can section of this site will contain articles about real children who have overcome obstacles to provide inspiration to others.

Understanding Childhood Abuse

The effects of childhood abuse are complicated and very specific to the situation.


The key to tackling childhood abuse as a society is education. With an understanding of how perpetrators control their victims and the effects of the abuse on the victims, I believe society can make a difference with this issue.


In my attempt to help victims of childhood abuse, and to help others understand what these victims go through, I've written a young adult novel. I hope this will help children realize they are not alone, and that what they are feeling is normal and that there are people who care and want to help. People will believe them! UNTIL TODAY is published by Second Story Press.

Please refer to the list of Childhood Abuse Resources I have started collecting to help those who are suffering or have suffered through childhood abuse.

I am also speaking to groups or schools about my journey, as an inspiration towards helping others overcome their own obstacles. Please contact me for further information.

Contact Information

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What's New?

Nov 22, 2015: I will be an author and speaker at Stratford's first Author & Artist Symposium from 12-5. I am speaking at 3:30.

Dec 11, 2014: I will be a guest on Rogers TV Talk Local show at 7:00 PM for the Waterloo Region discussing prevention and reaction for sexual violence in homes